His corona disease has left its mark on Lionel Messi. The superstar from Paris Saint-Germain now revealed that.

Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi spoke for the first time about the effects of his corona disease. He had contracted the virus in January.

“I had after-effects in my lungs. I came back and I couldn’t even walk for a month and a half because my lungs were affected,” Messi told TyC Sports.

Messi made his comeback on January 23 after missing three games for his club Paris Saint-Germain.

Messi’s comeback probably came too quickly

However, this probably came too early and threw him back even further. “I came back before I should have and it got worse because I was going too fast. It set me back,” said Messi. “I couldn’t take it anymore, I wanted to run, train – I wanted to keep going. And it ended up getting worse.”

However, there was no further break. As of February, Messi has started 16 out of 18 games. He scored five goals and prepared ten more goals.