Julia Vigas experienced the CL final in Paris up close. Thiago’s wife is shocked by the unrest and is demanding consequences.

Julia Vigas, wife of Liverpool star Thiago, reported on her Instagram story about her shocking experiences surrounding the Champions League final between the Reds and Real Madrid in Paris.

The encounter was marred by incidents surrounding the Stade de France before kick-off. Some fans were pepper sprayed and attacked by police and local gangs as they struggled to get into the stadium. Some turnstiles were closed.

CL final? “Absolute Nightmare”

Vigas, who witnessed the final live, said it was an “absolute nightmare that’s not about football, it’s about much more than the result.”

“We were constantly threatened by gangs of thieves who tried to ambush us and enter the stadium without a ticket. As a result, many fans stayed away from the game, causing an avalanche of people. The police sprayed tear gas on families and fans and some of them were killed also depressed,” wrote Vigas, who said she had to leave the stadium for her own safety because of the unrest.

The 32-year-old demanded consequences: “There was a lack of organization and security. Something has to be done, something like that shouldn’t happen.”