Gadgetmaker Logitech would make calls to the Us Plantronics to take over.

Sources let to Reuters news agency know that this is “the biggest acquisition” of Logitech. The company would be 2.2 billion dollars (1.9 billion euros) to pay for the purchase of Plantronics.

It is not clear how far the talks between the two companies advanced. The insiders report that an agreement next week can be reached. The companies have not yet on the rumors of Reuters responded.

Logitech makes accessories in the field of gaming, music and smarthome solutions. The company paid last year, $ 85 million for the acquisition of Astro Gaming, in order to expand in the gaming industry.

Earlier this year bought Logitech the American microfoonfabrikant Blue Microphones for 117 million dollars. Logitech has been making microphones for consumers, but with Blue would the company have the resources to be more professional equipment to build.

Plantronics delivers communications systems. The company is also known for its wired and wireless headsets.