MejlaSusanna Kierkegaard+ FÖLJÅSIKTM are scared of Corazza Bildt, Aftonbladet leader board independent social democratic.Photo: BJORN LINDAHLAnna Maria Corazza Bildt held a press briefing yesterday.LEADERS

No one can choose Anna Maria Corazza Bildt to the european Parliament in may. The current moderate mep has petats completely from the party lists. She was denied even bottenplats number 33.

from the Outside it looks really strange. The party will do everything to do away with any last EU-election pulled into 87 000 personkryss. Corazza Bildt has distinguished itself by a strong voice, campaigns against food waste and intimate video where she talk with her husband, who is also the former prime minister, Carl Bildt.

Stopped in the soviet way

In his own press conference yesterday testified Corazza Bildt on the “wheeling and dealing in a soviet way” in order to stop her candidacy. Carl Bildt called it a couple of weeks ago for a “moskvamentalitet”.

at the top of the EU list are instead Tomas Tobé and Jessica Polfjärd. The first of them is the former party secretary, but petades from the post in the summer of 2017 after revelations that he violated the parliamentary rules and used the SJ-points for private travel. Polfjärd have been a loyal partiarbetare and former group leader for the moderate party in the riksdag.

For any of those who had been promised a seat in parliament, it would, of course, disappointing to be omkullkryssad. But the Conservatives need to be very afraid of the Corazza Bildt’s support if they think she can cruise past them from the spot 33 on the list. To poke her completely may not be sovjetnivå, but it shows a desperate partiledning unable to handle conflicts.

Maktstriden more important than the votes in the election

any votes Corazza Bildt would have drawn to the Conservatives will go to someone else. After a lost election and a historically bad EUROPEAN elections in 2014, where the party only gained three seats, is the tactic of deleting a popular name hosting to be questionable. Possible votes to be sacrificed for maktstriders sake.

To an individualistic party, who themselves pushed the issue of preferential voting, to refuse to allow a popular candidate to stand for election is extra noteworthy. That husband Carl Bildt put it, it is right odd to remove someone from a list that is liable to be selected – usually it works the other way round.

Provoked by the women that takes place

in Addition, the means Corazza Bildt’s absence, a brand new moderate team in Brussels. The two other current members Christofer Fjellner and Gunnar Hökmark, have both announced that they waive their right to stand for election again. New representatives must therefore fend for themselves, without the experience and network of contacts as a former member would have been able to offer.

Also from vänsterhåll it is sad to witness a large party’s incapacity to deal with women that take place. Kristersson and his gang are afraid of the Corazza Bildt. Fear is not a good valtaktik.