MACRON – The president has spent the night on the Charles de Gaulle airport. Emmanuel Macron is expressed from the aircraft carrier, thankful not to have “managed to reconcile the French people with its leaders”.

[updated on November 15, 14: 24] It was a first. For the first time, a president has spent the night on the Charles de Gaulle, aircraft carriers the pride of the navy since its commissioning in 1991. A decision motivated by the fact that the ship has just undergone a major renovation while he begins his second life. For the president, so it was an opportunity to spend some time off the coast, far from the controversy on Pétain and the time to take a little air before the revolt of the yellow vests. An interlude punctuated by a live intervention in the 20 hours of TF1, in which Emmanuel Macron has tackled the sensitive issues – taxes, the 17 November, Trump, etc. -, but which has also seen the president assume a form of mea culpa.

Emmanuel Macron on the Charles de Gaulle © Blondet Eliot-POOLSIPA

“I have not been able to reconcile the French people with its leaders. This divorce, it can be seen in all the western democracies, and it worries me,” admitted the head of State. To raise a change of course ? Maybe not, but in any case, the language elements are going to change. Emmanuel Macron wants to “govern differently”, “to go as close to the ground”, “decide differently, not all in Paris.” In view of this, the eyes in the camera, and in those of the French, who took the time one night the costume of chief of the army called for “the mobilization of the entire nation”.

On TF1, the president wanted to be affable and more flexible than usual. “I hear the anger and it is a fundamental right to be able to express it”, he sent to the address, of course, yellow vests, that we must “respect” according to him. But Emmanuel Macron is not private to increase the tone, denouncing “a lot of people, a lot of political parties who want to recover this movement.” “I find it difficult to understand the people who say to me, ‘it is necessary to increase the minimum wage and the endowments and calling to go demonstrate’. (…) Hello sadness hello and consistency !”.

Emmanuel Macron on the Charles de Gaulle © Blondet Eliot-POOLSIPA

And then, of course, everyone was waiting for a reaction of Emmanuel Macron after a series of tweets from Donald Trump, undermining diplomacy, franco-american. Gilles Birch has not failed to bring up the topic and wanted to know if these attacks were “distasteful[e]s, inelegant, [e]s”. “You have said it all,” said Macron, right in his boots. “Every great moment of our history, we have been allies and between allies, we must respect”, he added firmly, ensuring not to want to reply to these tweets.

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