80-year-old jeweller was arrested, shortly before he officially had to be inserted as a new chief executive, inform the authorities.

The Italian police have arrested a new mob boss, Settimino Mineo, and dozens of other suspects. It shall notify the competent authorities according to AFP.

the Police carried out the arrest of the 80-year-old jewels Mineo and 45 other in Sicily, just as Mineo official should be appointed as top leader at a meeting of a number of mafialedere, writes AFP.

The suspects are accused of extortion, illegal possession of firearms, arson, mafiamedlemskab and other offences, say police investigators.

The sicilian mafia had called a special meeting, a cupola, which has not been collected in a number of years, reports in the Italian media.

At the meeting would be Mineo is inserted as the top of the post, as also the infamous mafialeder Salvatore “Toto” Mrs formerly possessed.

Mrs was behind a campaign of violence, which prompted Italian authorities to step up the war against the Sicilian mafia, Cosa Nostra. He died in november last year, at a hospital in Parma, italy of natural causes after having been in prison for almost 25 years.

He had been given 26 life sentences for dozens of murders in the years 1969-1992.

With the Mrs as the mob boss killed the Cosa Nostra mafiadommerne Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, and a variety of other public officials, including The governor Piersanti Mattarella.

When the Mrs went to jail, he was replaced as boss in the Cosa Nostra of Bernardo Provenzano, also known as “the Bulldozer”.

He ended up getting in jail in 2006 and fought through the courts to be released for reasons of health. It never happened. He died last year behind bars – 83 years.