Man in 50s killed in a fire in the LesjaINNENRIKS

A man in the 50 years died on the night of Sunday in a fire in a detached house in Lesja municipality in Oppland.

NTBSofie Fraser Published: Updated: 02.12.18 09:49

Inland police reports on Twitter in the 6.30-the time Sunday morning that the fire is extinguished and the next of kin is notified. The police got the message about the fire clock 3.37 by the finish of the night of Sunday.

There was a guy in the residence when emergency services arrived at the incident location.

Krimteknikere from the police is on the way to the incident location for doing research.

– deployed under a false alarm is not known, and there is no conclusion on what caused the fire in the day, ” says operasjonsleder Expensive Antonsen to VG.

Passers-by reported the from

Operasjonsleder Bård Einar Hoft informed to NTB early Sunday morning that it was a passerby who reported the fire.

There was only one person registered at the address, and no one was reported missing. Hoft tell NRK that the house is located along the E136, about right at Dombås in the direction of Lesja.

the Fire department had control of the fire when the police notified of the incident. It was not the danger of proliferation.

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