With all her success, Måneskin finds it important to stay true to herself. The rockers are “proud” of that, as they say in the interview.

The Italian rock band Måneskin already belongs to the ranks of superstars for many. It’s easy to forget that singer Damiano David (23), guitarist Thomas Raggi (21), bassist Victoria De Angelis (22) and drummer Ethan Torchio (21) are only in their early 20s. Since winning the Eurovision Song Contest 2021, Måneskin has been riding the wave of success. This year they have already played at some of the biggest festivals: Coachella in California and Rock am Ring and Rock im Park in Germany. In July they will be on stage at Lollapalooza in Chicago.

Måneskin have been preparing for success for six years

So far, success hasn’t gone to their heads: “We’ve always believed in what we’re doing, so it’s just about having fun and staying true to ourselves,” says bassist De Angelis in an interview with spot on news . “We are very fortunate to be able to do what we love with our best friends. It’s all crazy at the moment but we always look forward to what’s next – we’re having the best time.”

The musicians are aware that success can also have negative sides. “I think all big artists and bands have negative sides,” says singer Damiano David. “Of course we are aware that it can be tough, you have to be mentally prepared and it’s not life for everyone. But we’ve been preparing for it for six years.” The band members are “friends from an early age” and know each other “very well”. “We will always be there for each other when things get difficult,” David is certain. “We also love all of our fans and are always blown away by the support we receive from around the world.”

Ethan Torchio confirms that there are arguments among the four friends. “Of course, all families have their fair share of arguments,” says the drummer. However, Måneskin “grow closer together than ever after we reconciled”.

“We don’t really see ourselves as role models”

Måneskin not only make headlines with their music, but also with their appearance. They are known for their extravagant style of clothing: dark make-up, leather, bright colors, latex – there is nothing that the four musicians haven’t worn yet. Her fans celebrate Måneskin for her authenticity. “We don’t really see ourselves as role models for anything,” explains Ethan Torchio modestly. “We’re a group of friends who make music and just try to be the best version of ourselves! But we pride ourselves on staying true to ourselves and dressing freely. If fans take inspiration from that, then they do it means a lot to us.”

“It’s really important to stay true to who we are, and things like music and fashion can be a great way of expression and freedom,” affirms De Angelis. “I don’t think we have a particular style. We just like to experiment, have fun and try different things.”

Måneskin at the big festivals: band raves about performances

This year, after the long Corona break, the festival summer is back. Måneskin are raving about their recent performances. The legendary Coachella festival in April was “huge”. “The atmosphere itself was the most exciting thing for us,” says Ethan Torchio. “It’s definitely one of the most iconic festivals in the world to have a chance to play.”

Appearing at Rock am Ring and Rock im Park in early June was “a dream” for the band, says Thomas Raggi. The sister festivals “definitely met expectations”. “It was so nice to be back in Germany,” the guitarist continues. For Måneskin, the festival season at Rock im Park and Rock am Ring “started with one of the wildest crowds we’ve ever seen”. It was “a crazy experience” and the musicians “can’t wait to experience more of it”.

Is there a new album coming soon?

Måneskin even attended the Cannes Film Festival in May. They presented their cover version of “If I Can Dream” as part of the soundtrack of the biopic “Elvis”. “Elvis is an incredible artist, so it was an honor for us to be able to be there and pay tribute to a legend. And we’re big cinema fans!” says Raggi.

That’s reflected in the music video for their new single, “Supermodel,” which “was inspired by some of our favorite ’90s movies, from Hitchcock to Tarantino,” says the guitarist. Likewise, “William Shakespeare’s Romeo Juliet” by Baz Luhrmann (59) is “one of the best films of this era”. It was therefore “very exciting” for Måneskin to spend time in Cannes with the filmmaker who also directed “Elvis”.

Måneskin is making big strides: In October, the rockers will start their world tour in the USA, and in 2023 they will come to Europe. And a new album doesn’t seem out of the question either: “Well, we’ve written a lot of new stuff,” explains Thomas Raggi meaningfully.