the ROME Luigi Di Maio appropriate rule, which was voted in three years and unanimously in the Budget law, which will donate the money they saved on the budget of the Room to the earthquake victims of central Italy. A proposal launched in 2016 as a member of the forzista Simone Baldelli that the deputy prime minister pretends as “an amendment strongly supported by the Movement 5 Stars”.

the fact that The deputy prime minister supports unleash the anger and opposition of all the other parliamentary groups. Starting with the father of the proposal. “We share a good proposal with all the others, while they, the Five-Star, lead us to believe that a proposal of others be them and no one else”.

The former vice president forzista of the Room tells the story of how things went down yesterday in committee. “This amendment I have designed and presented I – explains – It’s a battle that I do for three years and on which there has always been a total and complete agreement of all, without ever controversy”. “In 2016, she recalls, was provided for the appropriation of 47 million, in 2017 80 million and in 2018 are donated 85 million. Last year, I did sign Di Maio, Giachetti, Serene”.

Are saved money on the balance sheets of Montecitorio through the decisions that were taken by previous presidents of the Camerao and, therefore, in this case due to the impulse of Laura Boldrini.

And, instead, the grillini want to put on top of the hat at any cost. Baldelli explained that “this year the amendment, then approved unanimously, I did sign up to all the groups, putting in second place the Patrizia Terzoni of the Five Star Movement, according to a criterion of size of the groups.” “And yet, immediately after the approval of the proposal emendativa – ends Baldelli – yesterday has sparked a fuss, because the grillini, beginning from Patrizia Terzoni, have exulted, speaking to a historic victory of the Movement'”.

Therefore, is the grillina Terzoni to give way to Di Maio, making it out to be the first signatory to the amendment. Mep, vice-chairman of the Budget committee, in fact, has made it known through a specific press release of the go-ahead for the amendment, and that “now that we have the strength of majority we are creating, step by step, what the people asked us for years to cut the benefits and costs of the policy”.

too bad that this time the cut is unanimous and shared, and the grillini are only appended to the initiatives of others. A manipulation in the cu fall for a little bit of Vito Crimi , the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council. “I applaud the colleague Terzoni, the first signatory of the amendment that adds 85 million to 300 allocated by the government”, he rejoices.

But the under-secretary understands that the “snatch” is obvious. And he hurries then to correct: “”I Thank Baldelli (FI), as the first signatory, and the connecting Terzoni with all the parliamentary group of the Movement 5 Stars who supported the amendment”, amendment.

In the meantime, the echo of the post of the deputy prime minister had arrived in the commission, and before the protests of the opposition and the president Claudio Borghi was forced to suspend the sitting. And the same Villages, to try to appease the spirits felt the need to point out that “the decision of the Chamber and the amendment was a vote by all”.

“Di Maio is a “farce is profoundly wrong in the opposition and of the earthquake victims. It is in the name of The amendment on the earthquake victims to divert attention from other situations, attacks, however, the dem Luigi Marattin .

“The vice premier and the minister for unemployment, Luigi Di Maio, in evident confusion, try to scippare the amendment of Forza Italia, before signing Simone Baldelli”, the irony of the parent forzista Mariastella Gelmini .

“The clumsy attempt of the minister Of Maio in addition to being unsightly it also highlights the state of confusion, Di Maio had in all the evidence to the matters which are covering” on the leader of the dem Graziano Del Rio .

“it is an act of the Chamber, voted by all”, rispiega Guido Crosetto , Brothers of Italy.

But the obvious reverse of Crimi, the clarification of the league Towns, the objections of the opposition are not arrived at the ear of the deputy prime minister Of Maio. And the post of the “mugging” stands still on the blog of the Stars.

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