, The technician of the Valencia predicts “a duel long and maybe tortuous” and waits for the macho of your computer: “We’re going with the intention of winning to depend on all of us”

The strange ailment of Guedes

The Valencia will have to appeal to something more than the heroic in the duel that awaits on Tuesday before the Juventus in Turin (21:00 hours). To play your to be or not to be in the Champions league for that you have to do, as a minimum, the same as right-Manchester United versus Boys Young the Old Trafford to keep alive.

But Marcelino would prefer not to do speculating, and although the company win at the Juventus Stadium is fantastic – only lost 7 games from 200 since its renovation in 2011 – the technician of the Valencia only think in the victory. “We face this match with lot of illusion in the best competition against a rival who is a favorite to win it.

Our intention is not to other to win to depend on all of us . It will be a party long, difficult, and can be that devious, but it is also difficult for rivals that are measured at Valencia,” said Marcelino before the last test in scenario of shock.

Juventus is in command of the Group H of the Champions league with 9 points , followed Manchester United (7) and Valencia (5) . A situation which Marcellin expected to change after a duel of maximum demand. The fact that they have to win yes or yes, to rely on itself will not be a change of plantemiento , that much less will be suicidal, despite the emergency. “It may be that on a board to win the game, but in the field it is more difficult. We will seek out our maximum performance. Let’s not get to crazy to by the opponent. One of our strengths is patience. The opponent also plays a lot. We have the luck of playing this extraordinary duel, we are not at home,” he said in reference to if he expected to get to this day with everything decided.

he Regretted Marcellin ties harvested before the Young Boys in Bern and the Old Trafford, where, in his opinion, deserved much more. However, think now come much better prepared and with a mentality that is more competitive after the first crossing first-leg defeat at Mestalla, where the Spanish team came out scorching with a player less (0-2). Then he was expelled Cristiano Ronaldo , according to Marcellin, will not be seeking revenge for that incident. There will be no special plan for frenarle. “Cristiano is an extraordinary player, with great talent, and will not take into account what happened in Mestalla because the Valencia is not expelled . Is a player that always manifests itself the same. You want to dial and win. Has an excessive ambition to be the best. What we know,” remarked the spaniard.

For the appointment Tuesday night, Marcellin do not intend to make many changes . The Valencia is going from less to more, and not see the reasons to apply excessive relationships. Nor is the next clash against Real Madrid -on Sunday at the Bernabeu – you will condition. “There is some doubt, but if they are all the players available, we will not make many changes “, he said. Do not forget that the right side Piccini is already ready to come back, and maybe could be one of the new developments, taking into account that for your lane could act either Mandukic, Di Bala or the own Cristiano Ronaldo.

Marcellin insisted that expects a long match, although he is convinced that Valencia will be able to do damage at some point to Juventus. “We are in the logical process of our ability. is Now we generate more chances, the forwards are increasingly door and I am convinced that it will enhance your performance “.

asked the technician of the Valencia if it did reference the match which was awarded to Manchester United in Turin in the last day, but it was made clear. “Every match is a story and each team has different styles and different players. the Yes I would like to have the success that he had Manchester United and, depending on whether or not the merits, to win. The Juventus was better, but Manchester United was more accurate. We will have to show a level superior to the one offered by Manchester United to beat”, apostilló.

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