Many emotions went through the crown princess, when she was told that she had to keep talking to her husband, crown prince Frederik, at his 50th birthday party.

It told Mary, when she received the award for ‘the end of the talk 2018’, which was presented by Danish Speaking at an event in Copenhagen on Tuesday morning.

On the one hand, gave it a really good sense that the speech would be made, on the other hand, felt the crown princess panic over the task.

“I wanted to invite everyone in, where it’s personal, without being private,” she said in her acceptance speech.

Some might suggest that the crown princess hit the balance quite right, for in addition she now has won an award, so was the speech, also the big topic of conversation after the party in may.

She explained that, uncharacteristically for her she went in the walk in really good time. She did a lot of thinking and writing thoughts and ideas down. Both good and less good.

Balances humor and seriousness

She had a desire to bring both the serious and the humorous in the speech. It is namely the two things, which, if crown princess Mary herself had to say it, is characteristic of her and fred’s marriage.

“Especially the humorous felt like a bet. It would carry. I went too far, and would be completely quiet in the hall.”

These questions asked the crown princess itself before the big day.

But, precisely, the balance was some of it, as in the Danish Talking lay at the basis of the price went to her. The speech was both something that all danes could mirror itself in, a talk from a wife to her husband and at the same time, a rhetorical masterpiece, sounded the explanatory memorandum.

They said, as the crown princess first praised her husband for still ‘to be at the forefront in lycra’, but at the same time went a little to him with a twinkle in the eye by telling that he could well spill over, when he dressed in the synthetic fabric in combination with roller skis and helmet.

crown Princess Mary herself was surprised that the speech got the big attention, the harvested in may.

the Experts present at the event explained, however, that the speech with his jordbundenhed and his obvious declaration of love went clean in with its honesty.

“She says at the end ‘I love you’, and no one is in doubt that she believes it,” explains Jesper Troels Jensen, the Danish Speaker’s chair, which seems, that Mary got the speech to hit with the tail.

to present the prize was Bertel Haarder to the present, and he also had a finger in the game, when it came to the allocation of the price for just the crown princess.

He had followed from his house, as the celebrations took place in may, and when his cell phone ran out of power in the middle of the speech, he got a plug put in, faster than he ever has done before.

the Speech hit something in both him and his wife, and therefore he proposed also, that it was just Mary who were to receive this praise from the Danish Talk.