A few months ago, the sound is still quite different: The Online giant notebook cheaper, and the electric Discounter-chain Medimax will enter into no Alliance.In a statement the two companies said their company cultures fit together. Sounds like the classic separation principle. It is not a marriage, because it has apparently crashed into behind-the-Scenes neatly.How Online learned of both parties by the end of 2017, and a Plan will be negotiated. How wanted to Medimax and notebook kooperien cheaper? Particularly in the areas of purchasing, Marketing and logistics, both companies wanted to work together. Later, should it come to a merger. According to our source, the two companies peilten a turnover of two billion euros within the first year of their cooperation. Two months ago, notebook announced cheaper and Medimax, first, to the partnership in a joint press announcement. Financially at the time everything was under one roof. Apparently, it didn’t work. On request, a Insider explained, it would have given the Franchise agreements of Medimax inconsistencies. Also in the case of supply contracts, there were different views. About the exact backgrounds of both companies remain silent officially. Medimax Notebooksbilliger.de Fusion would have MediaMarkt under pressure notebooksbilliger.de looked with the merger on the retail trade. Medimax in turn, wanted to expand the Online business and the range on offer. The Chefs wanted to work seems to be more in the areas of Multimedia and telecommunications. This is where the company is lagging behind the major market leader in the media market. Shop recommendation for the use of mobile phones & Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7 289,99 €Zum Shop Samsung Galaxy S8 396,00 €Zum Shop LG G7 ThinQ 64GB 424,57 €Zum Shop Apple iPhone Xs 256GB 1.186,00 €Zum Shop Xiaomi Pocophone F1 64GB Dual-SIM 319,00 €Zum Shop Huawei Mate 20 Dual-SIM (L29C) 887,00 €Zum Shop Samsung Galaxy S9 508,95 €Zum Shop Huawei Mate 10 Per 438,99 €Zum Shop Apple-iPhone-XR 64GB 779,99 €Zum shop more phones & Smartphones comparison range of BestCheck.de | prices incl. VAT, plus VAT. Shipping