Mercedes-Benz GLC 300d Stoop-shouldered servant

I would Like to start to strongly protest. Car design, unfortunately, twenty years as turned into a competition of remnants, and not to joy – which is gratifying in a snarling huge drawers on wheels? but at least some fun eye gave SUVs. The brutality of their forms, however, were often accompanied by the brutality of the owners, but there’s nothing you can do about it. Faceless remnants clung to the sides – and right!

And 10 years ago, the automotive scene was a strange hybrid, and it was called “coupe-crossover”. Such an attempt, a designer of political correctness – the remnant with elements of brutality. A hunched creature, set high on large wheels.

Mercedes-Benz for some time he looked but helpless gave up and made the light of day a few of those hunched creatures: first, a smaller one, called GLC Coupe, and then a little more, the GLE Coupe. Us for a test drive got a little one.

Mercedes-Benz unveiled the crossover GLC Coupe new model Sales will begin in the fall of the Auto

Yes, protest! Cannot be silent: this hunched-over back sloggers are resigned to the circumstances and meekly carrying the burdens of life, – unless she fits the image of a real Mercedes, laid-back, relaxed of the sybarite? In my opinion, no.

the Driver fumbles

Although, if you close your eyes on the depressed part, the rest of the GLC looks cute. Is that weird, wide and low, the teeth depicted in the grille, on either side of the signature three-rayed star. Functions no they are not, not intimidated – apparently, there’s a design idea, the remaining is unclear.

But inside can get a good idea. Of course, this is not a 140 body, not stretched, not that surprisingly caught up by the Germans of Russian Razdolnoe – all neatly, accurately, as in the medieval rich the Hanseatic city: convenient, comfortable, solid. But chamber.

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All at your fingertips, the buttons are comfortable and intuitive – with the exception of the panels between the driver’s and passenger seat. Then I figured out what this thing is – it can help controlled entertainment system, navigation and all sorts of settings, but first a couple of times unsuccessfully pushed her and eliminated the consequences. No animals were harmed, I assure you.

Yes, there is another difficulty, about which it is impossible to guess. Between two virtual dials on the dashboard are displayed all sorts of data on the machine – for example, there can be to know that average fuel consumption during test drive (592 km) was 9.2 liters, and the average speed is 25 km/h So: to change this data is to look at the current fuel consumption or some other measure – should be gently Pat the plastic box to the left handlebar, just above the controls on the cruise control. I found it after five days of operation – and quite by accident. (And I had just in the instruction to climb, of course.)

Mercedes-Benz opened a factory of passenger cars in Russia Is the first foreign production, which opened in Russia after the sanctions 2014 Auto

But without stroking squares to live it is possible. Fuel consumption, in the end, you can measure ingredients. But without a smartphone in this life to do is very difficult. And he thinks an ordinary car owner when morning leaves the house and discovers that in the evening forgot to put the Main Device on charge? Okay, he thinks, naively, in the car charged. Stick in a USB port and charged.

First groping eyes – whether on the dash connector? No. Opened the glove compartment between the front seats – no. Opened deep as lake Baikal, armrest, fumbled there hand – yeah! There! Was put in charge – not go.

of Course, at this point, all the lights of Moscow green. They only when in a hurry, red, and if it is necessary to raise the floor with the phone or that charge to stick – never!

When the driver (me) went in the sixth cycle of snooping as deep as lake Baikal, the armrest, the passenger front seat stopped hold back and giggle and start to laugh already in the voice.

– What are you looking for, it’s empty!

Understand, charging is not inserted!

– There is a micro USB, my dear! And not inserted!

I then asked the owners of the test car, is it true that in the GLC there is no connector for a standard USB? True. You need an adapter for USB-C.

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But still in the car the main thing is not able to charge the phone – though sometimes it seems that the phone has become more important than the machine. Most importantly – if she could go.

here again the strange thing! Test-drives of Mercedes-Benz, as well as the experience of the owner turned me on to the fact that this brand of car if the driver would say: Yes, why hurry then? sure you want to go faster? we want so drastically to rebuild?

If the driver meets that inner voice, “Yes”, “Mercedes” will not object and will all perform in a better way, although not without some surprise.

GLC 300d – Mercedes new breed. No, it does not incite the driver to accelerate harder and embroider through the ranks, but busily ready to go as ordered. Some, I would say Japanese there are still obliging. Or Korean.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe, Daimler unveiled the production version of the crossover Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe. Public premiere of new items will be held in January at the Detroit auto show. Four-door kupeobrazny crossover will be to compete with in the first place with the BMW X6. GLE is focused on the younger, more affluent buyers, and will be more technologically similar to ML, by analogy with the direct competitor to the BMW X6, the price tags on the higher than on the X5.Read more Avto

But goes brilliantly! The motor is very torquey! Diesel with the rapid acceleration starts nice and powerful mid-stream, neighbors stream extremely fast approaching or, conversely, are removed, and in spite of high land crossover, it all happens in an environment of stability. And how wonderful the machine is operated!

Necessary here to make a remark: on an empty highway if speeds significantly above the legal (fine 2000 rubles), then butt GLC 300d starts pretty serious to drive. Of course, this situation is extreme, and, in the opinion of the owners of the test car, it solved by replacing the rear wheels with the same front slightly wider. But feels pretty good to not be called.

Yes, and we are dealing with quite a stiff car, not a sofa on wheels for sure. Apparently, the current fashion for utility, on the energetic, muscular way of life came up to the Mercedes-Benz engineers.

Dry characteristic of the audio system brand Burmeister. Rock the audition piece was dedicated to a little-known German punk rock band Die Toten Hosen (direct translation – the “dead pants”, the value is impotent), a compilation of their songs was something to do with the football world Cup 1990, held in Italy. So the compilation was the song Azzurro, which usually sings Adriano Celentano, and reproducing the art, alas, slightly lacked the necessary carelessness. The classics are also represented, “the Jewish Caruso” Gershon Sirota – it records 80 years or more, but the equipment handled it, and gave out more than decent sound.