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20.46 PM: the Federal health Minister, Jens Spahn, has announced that he wants to create to at the latest 2021, the technical conditions, the electronic patient file can be accessed on Smartphones and Tablets. “Not necessarily, but for the one who wants it,” says Spahn on the 5. Regional conference of the CDU.

Merz brings hall with Merkel-side blow to the quake

19.27 PM: “The CDU has left the Germans with their troubles alone,” says Friedrich Merz to the beginning of the fifth CDU regional conference in baden-württemberg, Böblingen – a phrase he emphasized previously, in a guest contribution for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. “But let us say this: We don’t have to take over all positions of the social Democrats,” says Merz, and many of the approximately 2000 guests in tears in the Congress hall of the chairs. Merz is likely to allude in order to the outgoing party Chairman, maybe he’s on 7. December at the party Congress in Hamburg, Angela Merkel can replace:. The 63-year-old from the Sauerland region stands for the conservative wing of the CDU, Merkel for years, accusing the CDU to far to the left moved. Merz gets along with the ten-minute round of introductions almost as much applause as its competitors, Annegret Kramp-karrenbauer and Jens Spahn.

Merz criticized the CDU: “We have left many people with their troubles alone,”

Tuesday, 27. November, 18.16 at: The candidate for the CDU Chairman Friedrich Merz, has criticized his party for the place of “uncomfortable questions” is sufficient. In an article for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Merz writes suffered: “the clarity of The positions of the CDU. We have left many people with their troubles alone.“ In the population there is the concern of a loss of the own identity.

The CDU should not leave this topic to others, the operate of abuse. Expressly to the AfD and its earlier claim that the CDU had accepted their strengthening with a shrug, not manifests Merz in the post. In contrast, the other two candidates, formulated by the CDU-Chairman, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Jens Spahn, a criticism of this allegation of Merz.

Merz writes, dealing with people who come from the civil war regions to Germany, must be marked by Christian charity and “a realistic assessment of what we are to do today and in the future able”. The fractions of Union and SPD agreed with a large majority, a resolution to the UN migration Pact that supports this, and at the same time ensure that the sovereignty of Germany is not affected.

“Integration to the political center to succeed in the long term if also different and, therefore, often uncomfortable opinions heard, and in the political opinion-forming process are involved,” writes Merz in the F. A. Z.

The opinion-forming processes in the party would have to “more from the bottom to the top to take place, new forms of participation and influence on decisions must also be, of course, such as the use of new media and new formats.”

The departure of the party, belong equally, “the fact that we root ourselves – with the support of our associations will be more in the company and in the pre – political space fixed.” Merz adds: “I am convinced that As Christian Democrats, we must have the courage to discuss the issues, the concerns, obviously, in our country, uncertainty, and annoyance.”

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