Michael Fux is something like the bird of Paradise under the American petrol heads. Not only that, the 60-Year-old wears his sparse remaining hair in a wild braid, him the shirts in Oversize hanging out of our pants and on the shoes, the rhinestone sparkles. Especially in the case of his car and he drives it like to colorful.

as of The Interview he asks in his Phantom, the Rolls-Royce bespoke. The outside is still in a fairly nondescript, painted White, is he going to hit the interior with leather in a Purple tone, the Michael Fux has composed and therefore bears the name of Fuxia.

Conservative car lovers like hulls about the nose. But as difficult for a rich Industrialist can afford to Fux his own taste. The Rolls-Royce, therefore, is not the only touchstone for the good taste in his bulging Garage. Parking next to it for a few days, the first McLaren Senna in the United States and the second ever delivered to customers. Of course, not in a standard color, but outside in poison green and the inside a creamy White.

is called As many cars Fux in the meantime, he has lost a bit the Overview. 140, 160 should be in a suburb of New York in its high-security garage, and at least twice in the month of. No matter whether Porsche or a Lamborghini, BMW or Mercedes, Rolls Royce or Ferrari – almost everywhere Fux still has orders open. And because his cars are never off the rack, take it with the delivery of a time so long that he has forgotten the car smooth and all the more happy when he is suddenly in front of the door.

The money for this dazzling passion has earned Fux in a sort of sleep. Or, better said, with the sleep of other people. He is mattresses-multi-millionaire. His career as something of the quintessential American Dream. After all, he comes from poor conditions, and emigrated as a small child with his parents from Cuba.

The passion for cars has already started there, told Fux and lolls about in the fuxiafarbenen Rolls-Royce upholstery. His grandfather was a taxi driver, and as a small Boy, Fux was allowed to draw on the lap of his grandpa’s a Cadillac through Havana. “There was awakened in me the love for the car,” says the New Yorker. “A year later, I knew all the technical data by heart, and I swore to myself that I can afford at some point every car that I like.”

The Bugatti Chiron is even Fux too expensive

however, This has lasted for a bit, and his automobile biography has also started very banal: As a Teenager, his first car was a ten-year-old Ford, who was so rusted that you could look through the floor of the van. “Well in the summer, bad in Winter,” he says.

However, the older he gets, the more money he earns, and the more expensive cars he can afford. The first, he has consciously bought was a BMW M5 that is still there in his collection. It is a Z8 and a handful of Corvette followed, and by the turn of the Millennium, he bought more car than he can really be.

“at the Time, started the Sammlerei really,” says Fux. “Actually, I wanted to quit a long time ago. But then a new car comes, I’m thinking short, and before I got a response, is signed the contract of sale.“ However, Fux is buying, not blindly. The new Bugatti, for example, he makes a bow, because the Chiron is simply too expensive. “Impudence, what is the demand for it,” pale, the multi-millionaire.

a fortiori, if the vehicle is to be individualized. And without that it is no longer today is the Michael Fux. Eventually, he was with cars of the rod is no longer satisfied and started to leave according to his ideas.

“I have a very special flavor and love it to discuss with the designers until we found something Suitable,” says Fux. This can sometimes take a little bit. So a few cars like the latest Pagani is missing in his collection, “because I have found absolutely the right color combination”.

Although white Fux, that he provoked with his PS-gems-sometimes a little, and the tolerance of the manufacturer, crippling. But the excuses he makes his wishes.

And the initial rejection is no longer pitched against him a long time ago. “If you bought as many cars as I can,” he says confidently, “then the colors can be so unusual, but then no one says no.”