there was a Long discussion about the UN-migration Pact in the wider Public. Now many are surprised about the criticism. Has assessed the politics of the issue wrong?

solved was the mood in The headquarters of the United Nations in New York. In Mid-July. The year long negotiations were completed. All 193 members of the Assembly – except the United States – agreed on the UN-migration Pact, or as it is precise: a Global Pact for safe, orderly and regular Migration.

The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” reported on page six under “brief overview” in a small message. To knew this time no one well, how intense months later, this international instrument wrestled would be. Today, the question arises: What may be running in the communication wrong?

What is the UN-migration Pact?
tagesschau 12:00 PM, 08.11.2018, Emanuel Ernst, ARD-aktuell

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