“Obi-Wan Kenobi” actress Moses Ingram faces racist attacks. Disney is now responding to the attacks.

The Empire will not put up with racism. After the start of the Disney series “Obi-Wan Kenobi” there was a lot of praise for the main actors Ewan McGregor (51), Hayden Christensen (41) and Moses Ingram (29). However, the latter did not only receive positive news. Ingram received racist slurs via Instagram, which she made public in her stories. Her employer Disney then backed the actress. The production company released a clear statement on Twitter.

Disney: “We resist”

“We’re proud to welcome Moses Ingram to the ‘Star Wars’ family and are excited to see how Reva’s story unfolds. If anyone intends to make her feel unwelcome, we only have one thing to do to say: We resist,” the post reads. “There are more than 20 million sentient species in the ‘Star Wars’ universe, don’t be racist,” the company added in the first post.

Ingram himself also reacted to the racist hostilities on the Internet. “There is nothing you can do about this hatred,” she wrote on her Instagram story, according to “Entertainment Weekly”. Nevertheless, she is grateful for all the people who would work for her online: “It means the world to me.” In the end, however, she draws a sad conclusion that she “must be able to laugh about it and bear it”.

John Boyega was also attacked racially

Moses Ingram is not the first black actress in the “Star Wars” universe to be affected by racist hostilities. John Boyega (30), who has played stormtrooper Finn in the new films in the franchise since 2015, also faced racist attacks. However, the actor appeared to have remained calm at the time. “Get used to it,” was his reaction to the complaints, according to “Entertainment Weekly”.