The mother of the bride plays an important role in her daughter’s marriage. She is the Guide, the protector, the friend. She is the one who brings trust and help to her dear daughter in every detail of the marriage. Therefore, being neat and elegant for the big day is a must for the bride’s mother. Check out the JJ’s House collection of dresses to give an elegant touch to your special day.

Elegance, Sophistication and Comfort is all that the mother of the bride dresses needs to convey. Be in the colors, the length, or the brightness of the clothing. The important thing is to raze! After all, mother is mother. And every bride loves being able to look on the side and finds her there, beautiful and confident, helping her face every moment of her new life!

Thinking of helping these mothers to feel more beautiful in the marriage of their daughters and children too! We have prepared a Perfect Bride Mother Dress Code for moms who want to ruin on their wedding day!

Advance is everything!

The mother of the bride has the purpose of assisting the bride in all the decisions of the wedding and in the pre-wedding moments, that usually leave all the brides crazy of so much anxiety!

Therefore, the bride’s mother’s dress should not become a problem for the daughter just before the wedding. Call ahead with the bride and see what she plans for the party: ask how she imagines you are dressed, whether she has a preference for colors or lengths. Then go to the store and choose the model according to what she said.

Organize your time and solve all the problems connected to your look months before the party. So you avoid not finding the color that the bride chose in time for the wedding and avoids unnecessary stress.

Mothers deserve to shine!

The mother of the groom as well as the mother of the bride has the right to shine at her son’s wedding party. That old regina that the bride’s mother chooses the first party dress is no longer worth anything in current weddings. The decision may very well be of the two mothers together!

Our tip is: Have good communication with the mother of the groom. Talk to her about what she is planning to wear, the colors, the brightness, and choose a model that both can shine together from your children. The climate of marriage reigns in weddings!

Choose with your daughter!

Since you will help the bride to buy the ideal wedding dress, and then why not ask for her help to choose yours? It is even good that the bride is together to aid in her decision, since her choice is of the utmost importance to make the marriage as close as she has ever dreamed.

Who does not love a mother’s day and daughter, does not it? Designers should guarantee it will be an unforgettable day for both!