Had it not been for arbeidsklimaet I’d like to still, says a former NTB-employed to NRK.

Last week got the news back the answers from a survey that was sent out in mid-november.

NRK has seen some of the results, and editor-in-chief Mads Yngve Storvik confirm these opposite NRK.

13 of 112 employees respond that they believe themselves subjected to bullying or harassment in the course of the last year. 82 per cent of the nyhetsbyråets 136 employees responded to the survey.

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– the Problems lies with the management, as I have perceived it. They have low trust among the employees, says the person who has worked in the media house in several years.

The former employees wish to remain anonymous, but adds that it is important that something must be done with the agency’s work environment.

– the Distance between the management and the employees have increased over the years. It’s been a culture that the executive management team protects each other. They have lost contact with the floor.

In the course of several years in the agency, the individual has also been witness to several actions of NTBs working environment.

– Several disagreements have ended up to be controlled by the attorney, and the management has hired consultants rather than to solve their problems themselves, ” says the former employee.

editor-in-chief at NTB Mads Yngve Storvik says to NRK that it from time to time have been various actions of personnel cases.

a Lawyer has been used in very special cases, but it should, according to the Storvik be to talk about a few issues.

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Sjefredaktøren says they look very seriously at the results from the survey.

There are 112 employees who have taken the survey. It is not good that so many people have black on the lower part of the scale when it comes to bullying and harassment, ” says Storvik.

Furthermore, he tells us that it is summoned to meet on Tuesday this week, together with union representatives and safety delegates to get to the bottom of the problem.

GOING TO the BOTTOM: editor-in-chief at NTB Mads Yngve Storvik says they this week try to find out what is the reason that the more employees believe they are being bullied and harassed.

Photo: Birger Morken/the Norway Post

– We have a zero tolerance policy for bullying and harassment. The survey does not show what is the background for the answers, so we shall find out, ” says Storvik.

A former employee claims the problem comes from the management. What do you think about that?

– It is this we must find out, so I have no condition to say either yes or no on this, ” says Storvik, adding that he did not recognize themselves in the assertion that senior management protects each other.

But such feedback is also what we need when we’re going to go into how to figure this out, ” says Storvik.

He points out that after last year’s metoo-autumn encouraged the employees to notify about the working conditions.

Nevertheless, they should not have received any raising your concerns, which indicates that bullying is a big problem with them, ” says Storvik.

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Safety Bibiana Dahle Piene says the results were surprising, and also confirms that they will work to find out where the problem lies.

GOOD ENVIRONMENT: Safety Bibiana Dahle Piene says she even think NTB has a good working environment.

Photo: Berit Roald / NTB scanpix

– we will Now proceed to analyze this and find out what it’s all about, ” says Piene and continues:

– One of the reasons that I have been working at NTB for 16 years, is that it has been an exceptionally good working environment, with a lot of nice people.

Grethe Brandsø, who is a union representative and club manager at NTB, says to NRK that they will work with the case, and that she has confidence in Storvik will handle the situation properly.