streaming service Netflix has a Minecraft based game released. This can be controlled with the tv remote control.

In the game’s player characters in the world of Minecraft, a game from 2009 that is a big hit. The voices in the game are voiced by Patton Oswalt, Sean Astin, and Catherine Taber.

Minecraft: Story Mode seems to be a regular animated series on Netflix. At certain points in the story, players must make choices that the story of the episodes influence. This allows different players just have different experiences.

The game was already developed and on computers and video game consoles released by Telltale Games, which was recently the majority of the staff is fired. A small team worked on a Netflix version of the game.

Last two episodes appear in december

Netflix has three episodes released between 38 and 94 minutes in length. On 5 december will be the last two episodes appear.

Netflix brought already before a similar game. In Puss in Boots: Trapped in an Epic Tale had to players also have choices within the story.