The new Switch-game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would online are leaked, while Nintendo the game in two weeks will release.

That writes Motherboard Monday on the basis of four insiders. The goodies sent Motherboard two specific videos from the leaked version to the authenticity to confirm.

Illegal content distributors have over the last few days different versions of the game shared. That are not always reliable copies, because at least one of those variants has Switch consoles unusable.

One of the distributors called it “bizarre” that a game like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate two weeks before the release date is leaked. The game will appear on december 7. Usually would be copies of Switch games for a day or two before they go on sale via the illegal circuit are wasted.

That usually happens because of a code for the critics is leaked, or because physical copies on the street end up. The leak of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate would come from a physical game from Mexico.

Videos leaked versions appeared

On websites like YouTube and Twitch appeared over the past weekend, already has several videos of people who have Super Smash Bros. Ultimate played. These videos were quickly taken offline.

Nintendo has not responded to the message of the Motherboard. Recently, the company is still hard on against websites that pirated copies of classic Nintendo games spread. A court put the couple behind the web sites a fine of 12 million dollars.

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