Millions of children in Germany are overweight – the number has continued to grow since Corona. Their parents are often helpless. In a special clinic in Cottbus, families learn how best to tackle the problem.

The water splashes, snorts, beaming faces. “Come on, you can still do one,” physiotherapist Hannes Kreutz encourages the children in the pool. Loaded with colorful blocks of foam, they dive and splash from edge to edge to stack the blocks as fast as possible. Everything seems carefree, light – here in the turquoise blue water. Outside, in the air, they often lack this agility: they move more slowly, more sluggishly. Because they all – Finn, Elli, Marah, Helena, Emil, Mila and Lea – are overweight. That is why they are here with their parents in the outpatient therapy center Reha Vita Cottbus. They have one goal in common: becoming slimmer and healthier.