Written by Nn Beiboer

European webshops may you from today no longer fend off. You should just stuff to order, and in addition, no additional money to pay for it. A European ‘geo-blocking’-a measure that controls, is now.

Customers should on the basis of their IP-address will not be discriminated against, is the European Commission. That means that all Europeans in all European webshops stuff should be able to order, they may not against a blockade to surfing. For foreigners, the same conditions apply as for people from their own country.


That does not mean that online stores, their delivery area will need to expand. “It is not that a German webshop is forced in the Netherlands to continue to deliver,” explains Vincent left shoulder. He is a lawyer at Thuiswinkel.org, the Dutch umbrella organisation for webshops. “It should only be possible via the German webshop to order.”

if you Order something abroad, then you need to transport or arrange it yourself. You can package yourself to go fetch abroad, for example in a branch close to the Dutch border.

Cheap, or more likely within a

For consumers, it is now easier for a foreign purchase. And that can be very beneficial. Sometimes its products on a foreign webshop, this is cheaper or already available.

The rules apply for national operating web shops and the large chains. “International shops may no longer automatically redirect you to the Dutch website where the product that you want to have perhaps more expensive,” says left shoulder. “They need to ask for your permission.” Also may websites no unnecessary high costs for foreign customers are in charge.

the Page previously unattainable

A game console, or pair of shoes at a foreign website ordering, could up to now not always. European research found that foreign customers were less than 40 percent of the European online stores, an order could place.

The page was for foreigners are often unreachable, for example because it was not possible to have a foreign billing address.


The custom rules apply only to merchants. “It was beautiful as providers like Netflix below, would fall”, says left shoulder. “Then you would have a much larger film and serieaanbod. But unfortunately that is not so. It has with intellectual property rights.”

However, you must according to the European rules you Dutch subscription streaming services anywhere in Europe can use.

up To 9 tons of fine

Each country is responsible to check whether websites comply with the new rules. In the Netherlands, the ACM control on the web shops. The supervisor can be up to 9 tons fine per violation, impose.

“But we still have more instruments and choose what is most effective,” says a spokesman. A warning or penalty may sometimes even be enough. “People with a complaint about a webshop where they can not order, can contact the European Consumer Centre.”

Or all the Dutch webshops are now on the measure hold, the umbrella organisation for webshops difficult to estimate, “We have our members there in any case, well informed, and they are certainly engaged,” says left shoulder.


Thuiswinkel.org is happy with the measure. “We find it good that it is easier to get across the borders to buy”, says left shoulder. In addition, the web shops simply to perform. “The ict-like measures, so web shops do not have their entire company on the shovel to throw.”

The geo-blocking measure is part of a broader European package of measures against discrimination on ethnic origin or place of residence. Within two years the matter will be evaluated.