Opel Zafira returned to Russia

Russian dealers of Opel has begun taking pre-orders for the car brand, announced on 16 December the owner of the German company PSA group. Dealer network consists of 11 partners, in 2020 their number will double.

Buyers offered collect in Germany, the crossover Grandland X and minibus Zafira Life, which is produced at the Kaluga plant “PSMA Rus”. It also produces sedans and light commercial vehicles (LCV) Citroen and Peugeot. In the first half of 2020 will be added to a cargo van, the Opel Vivaro – it also plans to produce in Kaluga.

Grandland X costs 1,8–2,2 million rubles. there are three specifications with a gasoline turbo engine 1.6 l turbo 150 HP and 6-speed automatic transmission. The cost of the Zafira Life – 2,55–3 million rubles. the Machine is equipped with a diesel 2-liter turbo engine with 150 HP and 6-speed automatic.

Executive Vice President of PSA: “We plan to double production in Kaluga” Yanik Besar tells how the group is going to double the production of cars in Russia and what do you expect from the return of the Opel brand Car

sales of Opel in Russia will resume after four-year break. Previous owner stamps – GM – announced the resignation of Opel to the Russian market in 2015, “the Opel Brand returns to Russia as part of Groupe PSA, and this is a great event,” says senior Vice-President of the PSA group in the region of Eurasia (includes Russia, Ukraine and CIS) Paul Willcox. “We will gradually increase our presence in the country in the coming years, including expanding the range of products,” says Opel CEO Michael Aseller. Both top managers are contained in the PSA message.

In a record for the Russian market, 2012 share of Opel was nearly 3%. After returning in the long term it can makeColo 1%, said in June 2019, in an interview with “Vedomosti” predecessor Willcocks – Yannick Besar. The choice of the first models for the start of sales in Russia, he explained that they use similar technology, engines, automotive components, “which is important for service”. The group plans to annually add 1-2 new models for the Russian market, some of them will be produced in Kaluga.

array of segments to the start of sales of Opel in Russia is connected with their large capacity, said the representative of the group. The sales forecast he did not disclose, but noted that currently about 70% of the total sales of PSA in Russia is on the LCV. For 11 months of 2019, the automaker has sold in the country 7045 car – 16.5% lower than a year earlier, says the data of AEB. The whole market of passenger cars and light commercial vehicles decreased by 2.8% to 1.58 million units According to the Agency “AUTOSTAT”, in January – November, Russia had sold slightly more than 98 700 LCV – the drop was 1%. Sales of PSA in this segment, in contrast, rose 5.5% to 4477 machines.

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Among the models, which resumed sales of Opel in Russia, is already familiar to market the Zafira. But in name only: to sell Opel group, PSA and the ensuing shift of the platform (due to restrictions on the use of GM technology) for its size, the Zafira was less than it is now, reminds the Executive Director of “AUTOSTAT”, Sergei Udalov. In the Russian market model was the only one of its kind that has gained her good sales – for example, 4400 PCs in 2014 (a record was set in 2008 – 9300 PCs), he said.

With the increase of dimensions of the Zafira turned into a more capacious segment indicates Udalov. But the competition here is tougher. Competitors Zafira will be Volkswagen Multivan (standing from 2.82 million RUB. – “Vedomosti”), Hyundai H1 (from 2.13 million RUB), the Mercedes-Benz Vito (from 2.1 million rubles.), said a spokesman for the group PSA. Also to compete with LCV PSA group, produced in Kaluga – Citroen and Peugeot SpaceTourer Traveller (cost of 2.1 million rubles.), which have versions with 2-liter diesel engine 150 HP, adds Udalov. “Brands have different audiences, – retorted the representative of the PSA. – Opel prefer those who are looking for German quality, appreciate practicality, and French automobiles – those who like the French charm”.

by localizing and flexible pricing policy Opel can apply for the old sales model or at least comparable with its competitors, says Udalov. In 11 months the sales of Hyundai H1, for example, amounted to 1555 PCs – an increase of 33%, according to the Agency.

Competitors Grandland X a representative of the PSA believes Volkswagen Tiguan (from 1.5 million rbl. – “Vedomosti”), Toyota RAV4 (from 1.76 million RUB), Nissan Qashqai (from 1.12 million RUB). First of all, the crossover Opel will compete with related Peugeot 3008 (1.6 million rubles), says the President of the Association “Russian automobile dealers” Oleg Moseev. The representative of the PSA don’t agree with it, noting that it is “completely different cars”.

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four years in the Russian market has changed a lot and now need models-hits, not niche products, which Opel has decided to return to Russia, says one of the dealers of the PSA group. Moseeva mind that mark returns in a falling market with only one model in the automobile segment. In any case, the automaker will have large marketing costs, exceeding the costs of the competitors, he warns: “due to a long absence Opel is not related to some iconic brands, which have a lot of loyal customers in Russia.”