The scientists agree – in autumn there will be increasing corona incidences again. RKI boss Wieler is demanding an effective legal framework for fighting the virus from politicians.

In view of a possible new corona wave in autumn, the head of the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Lothar Wieler, calls for an effective legal framework to combat the virus.

“Of course, the legal framework must be right,” said Wieler, referring to the Infection Protection Act on Bavarian radio. The red-green-yellow federal government is currently struggling for corona protection requirements for autumn. The current version of the Infection Protection Act runs until September 23.

Wieler said that probably all scientists “who deal with this pandemic really seriously and well-founded, i.e. with specialist knowledge, assume that the numbers will rise again in autumn”. You will see increasing incidences again. “But what we don’t know – and that’s the great unknown – is which disease the virus will cause.” He still recommends that masks be worn in certain situations. “I assume that in the course of the summer you can also adjust that. But that really depends on the circumstances.” He expects that some of these measures will have to be reversed in the fall.

For large events such as the Munich Oktoberfest, he does not want to venture any forecasts. You can only realistically assess the situation shortly before the actual event. “We have all the means and tools at hand to make meetings possible. There are, for example, the tests or, of course, the wearing of masks, »said the RKI boss. So you know very well how to deal with this pandemic.