Parties: Schleswig-Holstein’s FDP leader Garg resigns


    After the bitter losses of the FDP in the state elections in Schleswig-Holstein, state chairman Heiner Garg resigned from his post. According to Garg, a renewal process is needed in the party leadership.

    Schleswig-Holstein’s FDP chairman Heiner Garg has proposed a renewal of the party leadership and no longer wants to run for the FDP board.

    The FDP Schleswig-Holstein announced that the election of the state chairman should be brought forward at his suggestion. This was decided unanimously by the state board at Garg’s suggestion in Neumünster. “The party must have the chance to position itself well for the upcoming elections,” said Garg.

    The FDP suffered heavy losses in the state elections on May 8th. The CDU won clearly and is currently trying to forge a coalition with the Greens. Prime Minister and election winner Daniel Günther had initially tried to allow the Jamaica coalition of CDU, Greens and FDP, which has been in power since 2017, to continue, but the Greens and FDP were unable to agree on this during exploratory talks.

    In view of the forthcoming local elections in 2023, a renewal process is needed in the party leadership, Garg explained. “I will continue to actively support the party on this path, but as state chairman I will not be available for the upcoming board election and will not run for any other office in the state board.” Garg, who is acting Minister for Health and Social Affairs, has led the FDP in Schleswig-Holstein since November 19, 2011 as state chairman.

    According to the FDP, a new state executive is to be elected at a party conference in November. Normally, this election would not have taken place again until autumn 2023.