They were married for sixteen years, now the marriage came to an end: Irina and Jörg Pilawa went their separate ways.

TV presenter Jörg Pilawa (56) and his wife Irina (50) have split up. This was confirmed by the couple’s lawyer on Tuesday in Hamburg.

“Yes it’s right. Jörg and Irina Pilawa have been separated by mutual consent for several months. Since my clients absolutely want to protect their privacy, also with regard to the well-being of their children, they will not comment further on the subject and ask that they refrain from further inquiries.»

The television magazine “at a glance” and the “Bild” newspaper had previously reported. The couple got married in Congo 16 years ago and the two have three children together. The popular quiz master recently switched from ARD to Sat.1. At the new employer he has, among other things, the program “Quiz für Dich”.