Beauty products and perfume have natural enemies: light, heat and moisture. This is how to properly store cosmetics in summer.

How to properly store perfume bottles and cosmetic products? This question actually comes up all year round. But especially in summer, some measures are necessary when storing beauty products so that we can enjoy them for a long time. Here are the most important tips for storing cosmetics in the summer months.

Everyday beauty products are particularly sensitive to high temperatures. When it is hot, important ingredients in creams, serums, make-up and perfume aromas can be lost. Decorative and caring cosmetics can spoil faster and also harm us if, for example, mold forms on an eyeshadow palette.

Tip number one (which is also essential in all other seasons): Before applying cosmetics, you should wash your hands thoroughly to avoid introducing germs and bacteria into the product. In addition, care should be taken to clean brushes and sponges regularly and thoroughly.

Bathroom as a storage place?

What we can also remember: The bathroom is usually not the perfect storage place. For example, products such as mascara and powder should be protected from moisture and moisture. Water vapor is particularly harmful to powder and other dry products such as eye shadow or rouge, and in the worst case mold can even form on the surface.

Sunlight, no thanks!

Lipsticks, creams and serums should be protected from light. These products are best stored in the dark at room temperature. A place where they are protected from sunlight and excessive heat is suitable for this. The window sill in the bathroom is the worst idea, a closed box made of plastic or metal that can be stored in the bathroom cabinet is much better.

When it comes to products used as sun protection, it is important to know that sun protection decreases over time. As a rule of thumb: Such products have a shelf life of about one year. Here, too, care should be taken to ensure that they are not exposed to high temperatures and sunlight during storage.

This way the perfume will last for a long time

Perfume bottles are often placed visibly and decoratively in the bathroom, but that’s a mistake. Sunlight, heat and humidity are the biggest enemies of fragrances. Your favorite perfume will last the longest if it is stored in the dark and protected from heat.

In summer it can therefore be helpful to store perfume in the fridge. The low temperatures help to slow down the process of separating the key components of the fragrance. But again, caution is advised if there is too much moisture in the fridge or the temperature is too low. The ideal storage place for the bottles is usually a drawer in a cool and darkened bedroom. When traveling, it’s a good idea to get a travel-size bottle or a mini atomizer so you can keep the original bottle at home.

And what about nail polish?

Nail polish does not belong in the refrigerator under any circumstances, as the polish cools down too quickly there. This is bad for consistency. You should also make sure that the bottles are always tightly closed so that the nail polish does not dry out. Here, too, a small, locked box that can be placed in a cupboard is the best place to store it.