Also N-train leave Käpylä and oulunkylä stations without stopping.In the middle of the traffic situation can follow VR’s website. Jussi Leinonen

the Rescue department received the alarm rail accident in Käpylä at around 20 Monday night.

the evening paper I read was this sent before the delivery of the message, which was told the train to do emergency braking because of an accident.

VR communications confirm that one person has been hit by a train. VR won’t comment further because the investigation of the case is pending and to inform the responsible public authorities.

Monday night during the middle transport is the interference, as studies and the place of clearing works, the time the ring rail line to drive the I and P trains do not stop at oulunkylä and Käpylä stations. Similarly, the N-train to leave without stopping at the station on the exceptional situation of the time.

the main line of traffic works normally.