Pietro Lombardi has been very successful since his “DSDS” victory more than ten years ago. On June 9th he celebrates his 30th birthday.

Hardly any winner of the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” has made it as high as he has: Pietro Lombardi, who celebrates his 30th birthday on June 9th, continued the success of the casting show in 2011 and has experienced one high after the other ever since . “We never had a real low point,” said the 30-year-old in 2020 in conversation with bodybuilder and influencer Kevin Wolter (34). With “we” he meant himself and his ex-wife, then still girlfriend Sarah Engels (29), with whom he was in the “DSDS” final in 2011.

In the same interview, he explained how successful Pietro Lombardi really is. Although he is primarily known as a singer, Lombardi says he earns “the least a year” from music. He was a “franchiser,” he summarized. The 30-year-old has, among other things, companies, real estate and “a supermarket”. In a “really good month” he could “earn a million”. But it must be a “really, really good month”, with a “crass deal”, but there are “not many of them” in the year, Lombardi admitted. On average, he earns between 100,000 and 200,000 euros a month.

successes as a singer

Even if he now earns most of his money elsewhere, Lombardi has celebrated his first successes as a singer: After the “DSDS” victory, the former pizza maker reached the top of the charts in Germany, Austria and the USA with his winning song “Call My Name”. Switzerland. The debut album “Jackpot” achieved a similar success: number one in Germany and Austria, and number three in Switzerland. This was followed by “Pietro Style” (2011) and “Lombardi” (2020), in between the two long players “Dream Team” (2013) and “Teil von mir” (2016) with Sarah Engels, which, however, are no longer so high up placed in the charts.

Pietro Lombardi achieved his biggest hit to date together with rapper Kay One (37): The title “Señorita” (2017) won gold in Germany and ended up at the top of the charts in this country and in Austria. Lombardi’s singles “Phänomenal” (2018), “Bella Donna” (2019) and “Cinderella” (2020) were also awarded a gold record.

Achievements on TV

Over the years, Lombardi has become a big star, especially on TV. RTLzwei broadcast several docu-soaps that showed the life of Lombardi and his then wife Sarah. In 2015, “Sarah

Pietro Lombardi has appeared in numerous other shows, such as “TV total Turmsprung” (2014), “Grill den Henssler” (2017), “Schlag den Star” (2018) and “Catch!” (2022). In 2019 and 2020 he was also a juror for “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

Famous friends – Oliver Pocher, Dieter Bohlen and the Zarrellas

One person has accompanied him in a very special way over the years: Dieter Bohlen (68), who named him the “DSDS” winner in 2011 and brought him to the jury in 2019. In an Instagram story, Lombardi recently revealed that the two were in contact “every day”. “We’re real friends, whether it’s in front of the camera or behind it,” he explained. “We’re always there for each other and that’s what life is all about.”

But Pietro Lombardi has other famous friends: he let Amira (29) and Oliver Pocher (44) live in his house for a while in 2021. Their home had previously been flooded during the flood disaster in western Germany. One hand washes the other: In March 2022, Oliver Pocher briefly took over the stage for Lombardi at a concert. The singer paused his show for around 20 minutes to help a 12-year-old fan after a breakdown. Meanwhile, Pocher provided an entertaining substitute.

Pietro Lombardi is also close friends with Jana Ina (45) and Giovanni Zarrella (44). “Pietro belongs to the close circle of our family. He is now part of the Zarrellas,” revealed Giovanni Zarrella in April 2021 in an interview with spot on news. A few months later, the 44-year-old went even further into the friendship: In the “difficult time” after separating from Sarah Engels, Zarrella and his family “tried to catch [Pietro] a bit because he was alone here in Cologne.” , he said spot on news.

With his wife Jana Ina, his siblings and parents, they created “a good environment” for Lombardi. “We gave him a kind of second family next to his own. I think that was important for him. And he shows me this feeling of gratitude every day. We don’t need to tell each other that, I can feel it. We are always there for each other “, continued Giovanni Zarrella.

What’s next for Pietro Lombardi?

Filming is currently underway for Pietro Lombardi’s own show: the singer is looking for a singing talent. The winner receives a recording contract with Lombardi’s newly founded label. When and where the show will be shown is not yet known.

With his show, Lombardi wants to “give something back” to his fans, as he announced on Instagram. He also recently thanked his followers with the new song “I won’t let you go” – without which his great success would hardly have been possible.