Three generations of comedians: Maren Kroymann, Carolin Kebekus and Hazel Brugger combine their humor with clear social criticism. There’s not always applause for that.

We are pleased that we are meeting in beautiful Cologne.Brugger: Cologne is enough.

We meet here to talk about the art of weird women. You paved the way in different ways, Ms. Kroymann, Ms. Kebekus and Ms. Brugger. When did you first see each other?BRUGGER: Wow, of course I always saw them as comedians. Long before I even knew the job was an option for me.

KROYMANN: And then Hazel and I were immediately enthusiastic about each other in a Swiss radio show and afterwards we ate vegetarian food.

KEBEKUS: I remember how we both met, Hazel. At the “Comedy Mixed Show XXL” in Cologne.

BRUGGER: Was I embarrassed?