For his new album “Vier Einhalb” singer Max Giesinger dared to tackle a completely different topic: It’s not about human relationships, as usual, but about the environment. Do you buy that from him?

Pop singer Max Giesinger (33, “80 million”) sings on his new album “Four and a half” about an unusual topic for him: climate change. The thoughtful song «Pulverfass» says: «It will never be the same again. And you know what? We knew it all. We always wanted more, now the powder keg is exploding.”

“Before, I mainly sang about interpersonal issues. So it is something special for me to write a song about such a topic. How does that feel? Do people believe that? That was a process, »said Giesinger of the German Press Agency.

But now is the right time for him to release the song. “If our consciousness doesn’t change, we’re going to face a massive climate catastrophe in a few years.”

The song takes place in the future: Giesinger has to justify himself to his teenage child for the sprawling lifestyle of his generation. «I also like to fly on vacation and I am not free from guilt. That’s why I reduced my meat consumption properly, »said the musician, who lives in Hamburg. “It’s less about a few people doing it perfectly, but about many people living a tick more consciously. That would have done something.”

“Pulverfass” is one of seven new tracks included on the album “Vier Einhalb” which will be released on Friday. It is a kind of “deluxe version” of the record “Vier” from last November.