A picture of tjenestehunden Sully, who is faithful in front of its owner’s chest, leaving no doubt. The dog is man’s best friend.

It is the late president George H. W. Bush’s coffin, the sniffer dog Sully the guardian.

The former president should be the occasion of the state in the nation’s capital, where he spent several decades as a central person in american politics.

on Monday begins his last trip to the nation’s capital, where the americans over four days in taking leave of their former president. When the coffin is to be transported by plane from Houston to Washington, D. C., will Sully also accompany its owner.

For the touching picture of the dog in front of its owner’s coffin writes of the former president’s spokesman, Jim McGrath, ‘Mission accomplished’.

the President’s son, Jep Bush, has written ‘Sully have the guard’.

the Flag at half in Washington. Former president George H. W. Bush was 94 years. Photo: ALEX EDELMAN Show more the Flag at half in Washington. Former president George H. W. Bush was 94 years. Photo: ALEX EDELMAN

After the former president died last Friday at the age of 94 years, the faithful tjenestehund all the time been by his side. It writes the PEOPLE.

the UNITED states’41’end president George W. H. Bush got tjenestehunden, when his wife died back in June. Sully quickly became a part of the family.

‘A great pleasure to welcome the newest member of the family welcome, ‘Sully’, a beautiful and well trained lab (labrador, ed.)…’ it sounded on the president’s Twitter.

the Dog Sully was specialtrænet to carry out its owner’s needs through a fængelsprogram, where the inmates trains puppies to be tjenestehunde.

On Twitter also took the president’s second son, George W. Bush, the parting with the family dog.

‘even Though our family will miss this dog, we are reassured that he will create the same joy in his new home, Walter Reed (military hospital, ed.),…’

Sully is named after Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger III was the pilot who successfully landed a plane on the Hudson river in 2009.

Wednesday will be the coffin flown back to Houston, where the former president should be buried. The plane, which the coffin is transported by, is the iconic Air Force One, which is usually being used by the president of the UNITED states.