The price difference between Diesel and gasoline is nine cents. At the same time the tax on diesel fuel, but 22 cents lower than gasoline.The ADAC sit up and take notice. The automobile Club criticized the fuel-prices. Actually, the litre of petrol and Diesel would have to be significantly cheaper. ADAC argues: The Barrel of Brent crude is currently up for $ 70. At the beginning of October he was still at 85 US dollars. This, in turn, led to a massive growth in price.While the price for a Barrel will fall, stay the same, the prices at the gas station. Corporations don’t give low prices, The oil companies would not have posted the price development on the consumer. Although account must be taken of the low water on the Rhine, Main and Mosel. The mineral groups to explain the transport of crude oil and finished motor would have more expensive materials due to the low water, the driving in the prices.However dryness and drought in the affected areas for months, while a significant nationwide increase in the price of the tank at the beginning of October only. Shop recommendation for the use of mobile phones & Smartphones Samsung Galaxy S7 289,99 €Zum Shop Samsung Galaxy S8 396,00 €Zum Shop LG G7 ThinQ 64GB 424,57 €Zum Shop Apple iPhone Xs 256GB 1.186,00 €Zum Shop Xiaomi Pocophone F1 64GB Dual-SIM 319,00 €Zum Shop Huawei Mate 20 Dual-SIM (L29C) 887,00 €Zum Shop Samsung Galaxy S9 508,95 €Zum Shop Huawei Mate 10 Per 438,99 €Zum Shop Apple-iPhone-XR 64GB 779,99 €Zum shop more phones & Smartphones comparison range of | prices incl. VAT, plus VAT. Shipping In the VIdeo: Free App of the cheapest gas rates Cheap gas: Clever Tanken for Android and iOS Play Video To Download: Clever Download Refuel-assessment Smart Recharge – Android App 5.2.7 Chip rating Good Android User will be able to Refuel with the “Clever” application for free gas prices of nearby gas stations to retrieve. To Download Clever iPhone- / iPad-App 6.0.5 Chip Refuel-assessment a Good way to Save when filling up: The iPhone App “Clever Tanken” promises to help you Save by you to the cheapest gas stations in the area. For Download