Disgraced Prince Andrew is trying to ‘make amends’. This is the view of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Prince Andrew (62) has largely withdrawn from the public eye in recent years. However, the disgraced Duke of York is “trying to make amends”, believes Justin Welby (66). The Archbishop of Canterbury thinks this is “a very good thing,” as he explained in an interview with British TV broadcaster ITV.

Forgiveness is important, Welby also explains. “I think we’ve become a very, very unforgiving society.” There is also a difference between consequences and forgiveness. According to him, people should try to become “a more open and forgiving society”.

Welby did not want to go into details, but he was aware that Prince Andrew was a “special case”. “I think we all have to step back and see what happens. He’s trying to make amends and that’s a very good thing.”

Prince Andrew not at “Trooping the Color” parade

The son of Queen Elizabeth II (96), who is celebrating her platinum anniversary on the throne this year, has made numerous negative headlines in recent months and years. It was only in February that he was able to settle an abuse lawsuit brought by the American Virginia Giuffre (38) out of court. Giuffre had accused Andrew of abusing her when she was a minor. The Duke of York is said to have paid Giuffre several millions, but had denied the allegations.

In January, the palace announced that Prince Andrew was losing his military titles, returning his royal patronage to the Queen and would no longer be taking on official royal duties. Most recently, at the end of March, he surprisingly appeared alongside the Queen at a memorial service for his father Prince Philip (1921-2021).

At the beginning of May it was announced that Prince Harry (37) and Duchess Meghan (40) would travel to England as part of the multi-day celebrations for the Queen’s jubilee. Like Prince Andrew, you will probably not be on the balcony of Buckingham Palace at the traditional “Trooping the Color” military parade on June 2nd. Only family members with official duties and their children should attend the spectacle on the balcony.