Prince Charles has accepted a total of three million euros in cash from Qatar – some in bags. Now the heir to the throne speaks up.

Excitement in the United Kingdom: According to a report by the “Sunday Times”, Prince Charles (73) accepted a total of three cash donations from the desert state of Qatar totaling three million euros between 2011 and 2015. Did everything go right?

Clarence House, Prince Charles’ personal office, denies any wrongdoing. According to British media reports, a statement said, among other things: “The charitable donations made by Sheikh Hamad Bin Jassim were immediately forwarded to one of the prince’s charitable organizations.” All the requirements were correctly followed.

Some of the money from Qatar was stuffed in cash into shopping bags and personally handed over to the prince by the former prime minister, the unveiling report goes on to describe. Prince Charles then gave the donation to his The Prince of Wales’s Charitable Fund, which, in addition to many charitable tasks, is also responsible for managing the royal lands in Scotland.

Does Prince Charles have to testify before a commission?

As the British tabloid “The Sun” also reports, a commission is now to examine the events in detail and possibly also question the heir to the throne. However, the British media have no real doubts about the legality of the procedure, and cash donations can also be accepted from members of the royal family. A passage that excludes such behavior is not anchored in the royal statutes.

Nevertheless, the procedure in Great Britain has been highly controversial for years. Prince Charles has been criticized several times after cash payments from Russian and Saudi Arabian elites became known. Opponents of the British monarchy are calling for an immediate ban on such cash donations to the royal family. Also the fact that the money of the Qataris was loose in a shopping bag from the London luxury department store Fortnum