PS5-rumors: launch in 2019 After the Back and Forth of the last few months, rumors for the Release-date of the PlayStation 5, although hardly serious, but for this signed, a Reddit User responsible, the announced Sony’s cancellation of the game fair E3 before the official announcement – this information could thus vote. According to RuthenicCookie Sony is planning an extensive launch of the PS5 in December 2019 at the PSX Event. A small Teaser to give it to already be in mid-2019. Ryzen-8-core processor in the Playstation 5 RuthenicCookie that a Sony Insider could be familiar with more Details on the PS5. Therefore, Sony makes the processor of the Next-Gen console again from the AMD manufacture: In PlayStation 5, a Ryzen processor to work with 8 cores. The clock frequency and other technical Details, there is still no news. According to RuthenicCookie the PS5 but it is a “Monster” that can be used to calculate games in native 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Games Lineup the PS5, The PS5 could be presented at the end of 2019. Image: Sony’s Exclusive titles are still not known. To the launch-games-Lineup of the PS5, The Last of Us 2, Death, Stranding, Knack, III, and presumably the Ghost of Tsushima, which are at least in part on the PS4. As the sale price Sony is aiming to supposedly $ 500, which would be $ 100 above the launch price of the PS4. The PS5 should be backwards compatible, allowed Sony to build a loyal fan base and a huge selection of good Exclusive titles. In the face of alleged strong Hardware, the price sounds realistic. New PSVR II, The manufacturer is working to the Insider, not only on the PS5, but also to a new PSVR. The PSVR II gets new Move Controller, and any suitable VR-gloves. The use of an external Box should be no more than the next model will be necessary. Here, too, the details of the Hardware are missing. The development, therefore, is exciting. Shop recommendation for Sony PlayStation 4 Per 1TB + Red Dead Redemption 2439,00 €Shop499,99 €Zum shop offer | prices incl. VAT, plus VAT. Shipping more offers compare