The announcement goes very wrong. In announcing Sunday that the “generalization” of the possibility of recruiting out-of-status in the public service, the minister of the Action and of the public Accounts Gérald Darmanin has crossed a “red line” for the unions. Their representatives report on the eve of an inter-ministerial committee, the “questioning” of six months of consultations.

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Gérald Darmanin has provoked the ire of trade unions, indicating also, in a broadcast hosted by Europe 1, The Echoes and CNews, that there would be “the opportunity to go through the status and the opportunity to go through the contract”.

“we have not presented this scenario”

“If ever the government were to do that, it would be a challenge to the general status of civil servants,” explains Mylène Jacquot (CFDT, 2nd trade union representative in the public Service). It recalls that, under the latter, jobs are so-called “permanent” should be filled by staff.

“At no time, we have been presented with this scenario,” said Luke Farré (Unsa, 4th) for which this is a “questioning” of the consultation on the reform of the public action committed since April with the secretary of State in charge of public Service Olivier Dussopt.

During these discussions, the government presented to the unions a “contract of assignment”, six years maximum, which would end, once concluded the project justifying the recruitment. Olivier Dussopt has also referred to the intention of the executive to extend the exceptions providing for the employment of contract permanent positions.

“Lack of respect”

“But Gérald Darmanin goes much further than that,” growls Luke Farré. The trade unionist leading-edge in addition to a lack of “respect for social dialogue and trade union organisations”, to two days of the last concertation meeting planned for Tuesday.

For Christian Grolier (FO, 3), “the output of Gérald Darmanin throws the trouble”: “he stops to speak on the public service and focuses on its relevance : the project of finance law. That leaves Olivier Dussopt do things.”, a-t-launched it.

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Contacted, an advisor to Gérald Darmanin refutes any new innovation in the minister’s announcement. It indicates that the government is studying the extension of the exceptions” for permanent jobs in order to”expand the use of contract” and reflects “placing the cursor”. “This is all that the minister said,” defends it.

“excess language”, according to Bercy

another source at Bercy tip, however, an “excessive language” of the minister and provides that the ‘trade-offs have not changed”.

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other measures on public service are expected Monday, on the occasion of the second inter-ministerial committee on transformation in public, at the initiative of the Prime minister, Édouard Philippe. This allows you to “do more ads or clarify”, said on Sunday Gérald Darmanin.