Queen Elizabeth II: members of her body guard arrested


    Bad news for Queen Elizabeth II: Shortly before the platinum anniversary, several members of her bodyguard were arrested.

    Shortly before the big celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum anniversary (96), several members of her bodyguard were arrested. According to the newspaper The Guardian, this was confirmed by a spokesman for the British Ministry of Defence.

    “As part of a planned operation, the Royal Military Police have arrested six Irish Guards and one Coldstream Guard veteran on suspicion of plotting drug trafficking, money lending and money laundering.”

    Arrests in nationwide raids

    None of the affected soldiers would take part in the parades planned for the Queen’s platinum jubilee, it said. “The army does not condone any illegal or fraudulent behavior,” adds the spokesman. The suspicion is now the subject of an independent investigation by the Royal Military Police.

    The suspects were arrested in nationwide raids in Hampshire, Berkshire, North Wales and Northern Ireland on Wednesday, according to the Daily Mirror. Five men were apparently released on bail, two are said to be still in custody.

    Prince William is in command of the Irish Guards

    The Irish Guards were formed in 1900 by Queen Victoria (1819-1901) and are therefore the most operationally active unit in the British Army today. In addition to light infantry and serving as a guard regiment, the Guard takes part in important events such as Trooping the Color or Remembrance Sunday.

    Prince William (39) has been Commander of the Guard since 2011. As such, he bestowed new colors on the regiment last week in preparation for this year’s Trooping the Color ceremony on 2 June.