Queen Elizabeth II drinking tea with Paddington Bear? A sketch clip of the Queen is a hit on the web.

In a funny video, Queen Elizabeth II (96) finally revealed the secret of what’s in her famous handbag – a jam sandwich! With the pre-recorded clip, she opened a big celebration of her jubilee on Saturday night. A version of the skit, in which she can be seen alongside children’s book character Paddington Bear, has also been released by the palace on the royals’ official YouTube channel. The video quickly became a hit.

A sandwich for emergencies

The Queen and Paddington Bear meet in the clip for tea, which the bear drinks straight from the pot. “Maybe you’d like a jam sandwich,” Paddington offers afterwards, pulling one out of his hat. “I always have one for emergencies.” The Queen replies, “Me too. I’ll keep mine here for later” – and pulls a sandwich out of her famous purse. “Happy anniversary, ma’am,” Paddington says at the end. “And thanks for everything.” To which the Queen replies, “That’s very kind.” Less than 24 hours after publication, more than 1.7 million users have already clicked in.

Millions of other users have also seen the excerpt on other channels. Meanwhile, a screenshot of the clip on the royals’ Instagram account garnered around 580,000 likes in about 16 hours. And the feedback is correspondingly positive. “It was epic! We loved it,” commented one user. Another cites the video as her favorite moment of the entire four-day celebration.