Queen are releasing an unreleased song by their former frontman Freddie Mercury. “Face It Alone” will be released in the fall.

Surprise for the fans: Brian May (74) and Roger Taylor (72) of the British rock band Queen confirmed to the BBC over the weekend that the band will release a new song with their late, legendary frontman Freddie Mercury (1946-1991). The title: “Face It Alone”.

Taylor called it “a little Freddie’s gem” drawn from the sessions for her 13th studio album, The Miracle (1989). Mercury died two years later. Taylor explained in the interview that they “kind of forgot” the tune. She was “wonderful” and “a real discovery”. He then revealed: “I think the song will be out in September.”

May added: “It was kind of hidden from view. We looked at it a lot and thought: ‘Oh no, we can’t really save that’. But actually we looked at it again and our wonderful technical team said: ‘ Okay, we can do this and that. It’s kind of like sewing pieces together… But it’s beautiful. It’s touching.” “It’s a very passionate piece,” Taylor agreed.