Because technically skilled people for the jobs of picking and choosing, they go between all the job postings looking for is an additional advantage that them on the body is written. At New-tec, a company based in Dilsen-Stokkem that monitoring and maintenance on technical installations provides the additional attraction of a 24/7 service. “Not everyone is jumping at night or in the weekend immediately to a customer to leave, but for many, this is precisely the challenge that the job interesting,” says Michael Ceunen, manager of New-tec.

It’s been years since and the day that people like to determine which flexibility is best suited to them. Those who are employed in shifts will depend on the personal situation, choose, for example, for varying working hours or for a fixed overnight services. The flexibility that customers request, is now also a weapon in the ‘war for talent’.

Michael Ceunen of technical maintenance company New-tec confirms: “The demand for fast interventions by our customers increases. Companies want contracts to which assurance is provided that problems as soon as possible to be resolved. If the power goes out and the production must be interrupted, that costs a lot of money. Hence, we answer the 24/7 service have been established and very much in demand.”

These services, which technicians, according to the terms of the contract are required to be within a certain period of time with the customer to arrive, requires staff that are here full for experience. “It makes us profiles that are not only technically literate (in this case, in middle – and high-voltage systems), but also with pleasure the flexibility of the day trying to explain to at any time the interventions to do,” says Michael Ceunen.

“To meet the high demands of the customers, our technicians, therefore, also to be communicative, can work independently, solve problems, and there is a great satisfaction out of it. In other words, people who see it as a challenge to consider the customer soon and to help. For them understand that aspect of the job so interesting and choose them for our company. And, naturally, they are for the extra availability also extra verloond.”