Makeup artist Raili. to tell last week’s story that I hope to be more Finnish women to use as well as makeup and more eye makeup than mascara. the

. the reasoning was simple: the face receive light from the make-up of the glow and posture. the

the Original story you can read here:
Finnish for decades wearing makeup Raili. raise women’s first error of the”Sheer mascara no eye makeup” – I Raili. makeup should Finnish women’s eyes as well as makeup using the eye makeup in a way provoked the readers to discuss. the
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”Raili is so right,” Many readers would completely agree. with. the

”. right. I myself am 60+ and they always mix a drop of tracing the ointment in a thin layer of makeup cream. I’m always looking for fresh color. Many times makeup creams are drab brown. If no color found, I bought the light cream and then mixing it with, say, a fresh shade of lipstick on the palm of the warmth. Become beautiful.” the

– Beautiful

”I always Use makeup lotion, although I’d stay home for a day. Concealer and a little mascara is the same as the blouse on. Without them I don’t walk around. Makeup for going only a few minutes, and it seemed that only then is dressed, when the face has been revamped by a little bit.” the
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– Sarah

”Raili is as right as it can. Finnish women should be more care of their skin, I heard many times people say that I don’t use anything on the skin and face, and I said that its you’re looking.” the


”Yes young women and teenage makeup too everyday, too, but no need to go non-peak year eleleviin women, and oh, look, himself putting over just like that. Same thing with middle-aged women. And it is an adjustment thing. Many still believes that makeup is at refreshment for the party. Therefore it makeup is not considered in everyday life.” the


”I Guess so, that is the types, who wear makeup, and guys who does not wear makeup at all. Those that exist between can be more!” the

– colored day cream

a Few readers got also to share their own good experiences and tips. the

”I a few years ago the cosmetics department, just a great seller, who makeup the lotion and blush in the selected stated, that we should take the most suitable conditions in the tone of the testers and walk out, if me. The seller’s view, when the store lights made my skin look so strange, that the shade selection was quite impossible. Outdoors in daylight, we quickly found just the perfect concealer and blush. Perfectly suitable makeup looks good in every light, but finding it really challenging in a bad light. Fortunately for my brave enough the seller who had the audacity to suggest stepping ‘ out.” the

– Läpy

”Today a 65-year-old I use BB creams. They smoothen the color of the skin and give a glow. Then in addition to concealer of the worst places. Finally, a light spray of rose water to the skin so that the makeup stays for a very long time. Raili. makeup book I learned a few decades ago how heavy upper lid makeup. Really excellent tips in that book. Many makeup such as at a young age, it is not beautiful to anyone.” the

– Beauty

”If not this face good” Readers among you will also find those who walked with head erect always without makeup lotion. the

”Oh no can put mascara on if not put makeup lotion? Sure can, when you put it.” the

– Minäoonminä

”whether my skin motley or not, if you don’t like it, take your time elsewhere. Why would I paint myself to look like something else? Me I’m good enough angle with the color.” the

– angle

”Never are makeup lotion or powder on their own, as I also don’t eye shadow or lipstick. Well I’ve been doing for 56 years ripsari, eyebrow pencil and lip balm, the wall of the rose I have not missed and a supervisor work in the office area I have professionally done. If I’m not at my face good enough, then no priority, not enough place, that I didn’t even want to kelvat out.” the

– Naturalness is the most beautiful

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one-Third of the use in the eyes only mascara we Asked readers also because of the makeup of the habits. Raili. when the urge to brush the eyes more than mascara. the

the Finns are, however, notoriously right mascara people: for example K-citymarket reported recently Mystyle, that the mascara you are hypermarket’s best-selling color cosmetics group.
Read more: Here are supermarket bestsellers makeup our Survey responded to almost 5600. Over half of them, up to 53 per cent, told the makeup he eye mascara in addition to luomivärillä or other eye makeup products. the

Just mascara to use about a third, 32 per cent of respondents. Completely without eye makeup lived 15 per cent of the readers. the

”discr is the makeup straighten face” eye makeup debate sparked opinions about the direction and another. Others wondered about the makeup of the need, others will recognize. attention. the

”Yes only gets to look like the face of a flash in the pan who, if not for the makeup party. Evening dress on and makeup. Pretty makeup, doesn’t need to be all of the rainbow colors. There are more than just the extremes. I’ve seen pictures of the bride with a beautiful white suit, but his face is makeup shred. Not a working combination. Meikistäkin can do discreet, and yet it tighten up the face.” the

– Maisalta

”Fortunately, there is those facial features you don’t need makeup, be already 50 but does not hang on the eyelids and heard more than 10 years younger looking too. A good face care products yes I use and now and then ripsari.” the

– Happy hippie

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