You works been a while for the same boss and do your work to your satisfaction. Still nibbling at something: it is perhaps not the time to ask for a raise? A lot of people see there best youth. How do you have such a salarisonderhandeling a bit handy?

1: Approach your boss

The first step is actually already equal to the most difficult: when you dare your boss to his or her sleeve to pull a call to ask about your salary?

“At some companies, they have the performance assessment interviews on board thrown in. That are actually, traditionally, the moments in the year to which your boss could begin about your salary,” advises Rick van de Water, of a career coach Amsterdam. “But each company has is really a moment in the year in which they have their employees rate. Grab on to them to start, especially if the review is good is lost.”

It is the economy, and companies are not only concerned with survival. “The economy picks up, and you will see companies differently from their employees to look at. A company consists of people, not only from profit. Many managers want their employees to be happy to see and are certainly willing to listen to their proposals,” says career coach Joep Lochtenberg.

2: Know yourself

Well, you have the call on the calendar, what now? “A healthy dose of self-reflection before you on table, is welcome. Be prepared, if you’re unsure about exactly what you want, ask a third party such as a coach to help”, recommend Lochtenberg.

“you Know what you want, prepare your words well. It is always emotional, such a negotiation,” says Van de Water. “Keep in your mind that you really should ask for what you want, you do your work and get something in return. But choose your words carefully, write out exactly what you want to say, practice in front of the mirror or ask a friend to help you.”

3: Immediately, but not too

And once at the table it is not at all very a bit right out of the corner. “Nothing wrong with a bit of directness” Of the Water. “Just be be tactfully direct. Watch your show and weigh your words, that makes a big difference. Also make sure that your arguments cutting timber. Find out what your colleagues earn, and play that is useful.”

“Always open to play the card. If you are not honest, you will boss that also not”, warns Lochtenberg.

also Look at the whole picture. Because it goes only to get more money? Maybe you’re tired of every day as long to commute, or would you quite a bit more vacation like. “More and more people look to the pleasure that they in their work to want to find”, says Lochtenberg.

“If you, for example, every month, with your tongue on your shoes, and you will obtain 50 euros more salary, you are not 50 euros happier. So see where your qualities lie, and how you can continue to develop. Because without growth you are standing still. Stitch, so take that thermometer in yourself.”

4: consider all scenarios

Go out or your boss with a tegenaanbod that you might be disappointing. Therefore, keep the so-called BATNA in mind, the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement, i.e. the best achievable alternative for the outcome of your negotiation.

“Do it anyway always a counter-offer to a bid and go higher than you really want to”, recommends Of the Water. “You assume that the people against whom you are at the table to sit, trained to a lowest possible bid for you to get by. So what are they as cheap as possible want, you must be as high as possible estimate.”

of Course, it may happen that your boss really does not want to go along in your offer, don’t panic and word, not at all angry. “Set for about a half a year or a year, again around the table to sit down to see how things look then stand for”, says Van de Water. “Go not fussy or pushy.”

5: don’t Be afraid of humor

“It is very good that you have your mouth opened to argue why you more pay deserves. If your mouth was kept shut, there was certainly nothing has happened”, says Van de Water.

“But a joke here and there can really be no harm, not even at the raising of a negotiation. You see people, for example, first a bit of joking about himself bragging rights against their boss, but seriously if that gasps.”

“See the whole conversation not as a burdensome thing, but if a moment just to spruce it up with your boss”, will also Lochtenberg. “It’s just a moment to put things to discussion, because if you are lucky, you do your work better, and that you and your boss, of course, also perfectly well.”