After Nigerias president was suddenly gone in the last year, it started to go spinnville rumors of his “mysterious” absence.

Especially on social media went increasingly konspiratoriske theories about why Muhammadu Buhari was gone.

In retrospect, has Nigerias president Buhari explained that he spent five months in the united Kingdom for the treatment of a disorder he does not have come with further explanations about.

But even after the explanation came, it wasn’t all that settled down with it.

and with opposisjonspolitikere in the country has viderebrakt perhaps the most absurd rumors: That Buhari had been replaced with a clone or that a man by the name of Jubril from Sudan, posing to be the president, writes The Guardian.

Now the driver Buhari campaigning before Nigerias presidential election in February. During a public meeting for most nigerians in Poland on Sunday, he had to answer to the rumors, writes The Guardian.

Rejects cloning

During the meeting, he received a question about whether he has been cloned or not, writes Buhari even on Twitter.

In the message he also attached a video clip where he responds to the rumor:

A very important question, preceded the president somewhat ironically before he stamped the reputation of being “ignorant”.

– Some think that I am cloned, he said, and received laughter from both the public and its own employees.

But it is he not, therefore, he could safely turn fast.

Dismissing the deaths

In other Twitter messages that were posted on Sunday rejected him also that he is dead.

“I can assure you all that this is the real me. Later this month I shall celebrate my 76. birthday”, is called it in another message.

– Many hoped that I died when I was sick. Some took to and by the contact with the vice president and asked him to consider and make them his vice president, because they assumed that I was dead. It made him very embarrassed, of course, said Buhari to the turnout in Poland.

Furthermore, he called the rumors about both his passing and the cloning of “antireligiøse”, and joked a bit:

– If I’m being harassed by someone, is it of the grandchildren my, that is about to be for many.

Fake news

the Rumors that Buhari was a clone, or that Buhari was replaced with Jubril from Sudan, was at spoken of by the nigerian newspaper The Guardian at the end of november.

Albeit in critical terms.

“Be careful with what you ingest on social media. The arena is a absurditetens theatre”, open the article that goes through the rumors.

the Newspaper writes that the rumors about bedrageren Jubril has been rather seiglivet, and was resurrected for a couple of weeks ago. Konspirasjonsteorien had a huge spread on social media as a fake news.

It has thus spread all the way to the country’s supreme leader.