Dutch arms dealers need to actively prove that the weapons they sell to Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates not in the fight in Yemen is to be used. That measure, minister Ketch of Foreign Trade announced in the Second Room. The Dutch arms export policy was already strong, but tightening is necessary, the minister.

Dutch companies export to about 160 million euros per year of weapons to the area. That output is now likely to be largely abandoned, as in practice hardly is to show that the equipment is not in the war in Yemen is used.

it is Proven that wapenmaterieel that officially for ‘good causes’ was used, as shipments of food and medicine, the population of Yemen can take. The Saudi navy, for example, uses equipment to ports correctly to block.

The measure is not as severe as an arms embargo, but faster, because the Netherlands these regulations without the intervention of other countries can enter.

Battles since 2015

A coalition under the leadership of Saudi Arabia is competing along with countries such as Egypt and the United Arab Emirates against the Houthi rebels. Fighting since 2015, with the support of Iran against the government forces of Yemen.

The coalition of sunni countries to try to prevent shiite Iran is expanding. The soennisme and the sjiisme are the two biggest currents within islam.

The humanitarian situation in Yemen is staggering. According to Unicef, dies every ten minutes a child by hunger or disease. There is a threat of famine for millions of people, warns the UN.