Education and culture ministry said in a statement to seven, a distinguished artist’s remuneration.

the European-, culture – and sports minister Sampo Terho share seven English awards. The award was given by the musician Remu Aaltonen , Alt Architects, Finnish Game Jam, writer and translator Jyrki Kiiskinen , the Whole Jazz Club, artistic director and designer Paola Suhonen and filmmaker Selma Vinhunen .

Finland is the creative and talented people. Part of the working group – part of a mainly alone. More and more they have reaped fame, also internationally. Creativity rises to the individuals, the community and society can support, said Acorn release.

Remu farewell gig at the Helsinki ice hall. Antti Nikkanen

the Finland prize is awarded since 1993. The prize is awarded in recognition of remarkable artistic career.

This year, the Finland prize is desired to respect a strong artistic qualifications. Factors that represent a long line of knowledge and the effectiveness of the Finnish art field. On the other hand, we wanted to also to take into consideration the new trends in Finnish art and culture, the Acorn provides a background for the bulletin.

Musician Remu Aaltonen was rewarded with a long career, as well as hurrigane in that after that. A man stood up on stage for the last time this year, the 70-year-old.

Also the artistic director, designer and designer Paola Suhonen got the Finland prize for meritorious work. Suhonen founded Ivana Helsinki brand in 1998. The character is celebrating this year in even years and have already risen in the Finnish fashion top-ranking.