Although Lada models are rolling off the assembly line again, they are not fully equipped. Because of the Western sanctions against Russia, important elements are missing.

After a break of several months, the Russian automobile manufacturer Avtovaz has resumed limited Lada production.

“On June 8, 2022, Avtovaz AG started delivering vehicles again – the first Lada Granta Classic 2022 rolled off the assembly line,” writes the company in a press release. For the time being, the workforce should only work four days a week. The range is also limited because of the sanctions.

Cars without ABS and airbags due to sanctions

Until recently, Avtovaz belonged to the group of the French car group Renault, but has now been nationalized again by Russia. Because of Western sanctions, many previously imported spare parts are no longer available. Therefore, the cars are only available with limited equipment. According to media reports, the Ladas will be delivered without ABS and airbags and the electronic emergency call system “Era Glonass” in the future.

Car factories in Russia are paralyzed

The sanctions imposed because of the war have shut down practically all car factories operating in Russia. Many Western automakers are considering shutting down production in Russia entirely. Sales of new cars have plummeted since the beginning of the war. A good 80 percent fewer new cars were sold in May than in the same month last year.