on Saturday night, ran the popular and acclaimed author Kim Leine with the Danish crown prince’s Prize and a cheque of 500,000 dollars, as ‘the Danish crown prince Rates 2018’ was held and shown on DR1.

Several of the author’s novels takes place and unfolds in Greenland, and he has in the same way as the Danish royal family has a close relationship to the land northward, which he himself has lived in.

After receiving the price and taken up in front of the microphone was the focal point of his acceptance speech therefore also on the relationship between the old colony and Denmark. It writes the DR.

Specially selected Kim Leine to focus on the shame, as he believes, that are present, because only very few danes know the full story of the greenlandic colonial history.

According to the author is growing the fault of the larger, the less you know. And guilt can lead to a lot of prejudice between the danes and the greenlanders.

Therefore, he urged in his speech the danes to rid themselves of the blame by finding out more knowledge.

“We owe it to ourselves and each other to provide us with a greater knowledge of our common history and, finally, to throw guilt where it belongs – at the bottom of the Atlantic,” said Kim Leine according to DR.

There were awarded a total of four awards, as the royal couple give to the ‘extraordinary bets in the field of culture and social work’, Saturday evening.

in Addition to the ‘Danish crown prince’s Prize’ to Kim Leine went ‘the Danish crown prince Social Price’ of 500,000 dollars in the year to the Association Greenlandic Children, while the Danish crown prince’s two ‘Stjernedryspriser’ á 100,000 dollars went to, respectively, film director Annika Berg, and the social organization of the Foundation.

‘the Danish crown prince Awards’ was instituted by the bikuben foundation. in 2004 as a wedding gift to crown prince and crown princess.

Each year, appoints the crown prince and crown princess four prize winners upon the recommendation of the two advisory committees with expertise in, respectively, culture and social work.