Mikael Persbrandt. Photo: PAUL HANSEN/DN/TT / DN TT NEWS agency

Call, Persbrandt, ring in the dreary new year’s eve

for the space norrskenssky and the camera lens

is kändisbråk it ballaste?

Call nyhetstorka over land and water!

Spring, girl, spring, when #metoo-the anger cools

and hefty dudes again wreak havoc as they want to

the revolt seems to have stopped – and standing still

Run out and start a fire, before the embers waning

Stefan Löfven. Photo: HANNA FRANZéN/TT / TT NEWS agency

Pling, Stefan, pling, now get sms:one

from Jan and Annie, Jonas, and Lövin

now escape from the fascist brown pigs

and the Sagerska for you remains address

Schling, man, schling! For Uffe waiting schlakten

when högertwitter require his revenge

Schlingmann, you can hijack their schvansch?

So ändlöscht a long winter without power.

Kling, glass, kling! But to douse the now cigarette

for the outside or the inside would be inconsequential.

and the ban on smoking cigarette butts you in total

knowingly people-Hells-Angels given the right


the King, the King, the King! May Nobel the party prevail

Horace You enough alone can induce –

if not he against his exit humbly go

The Eighteen must live with their Itching

(Free after Lord Tennyson)

the DUCK

Satirspalten the Duck has been on the Swedish newspaper Expressen kultursidor since the early 1990s. Since 2011 also share the Expressen out the Duck – the only satirpris. Among the laureates are visible among the other Özz Nûjen, Liv Strömquist, Henrik Dorsin, and Nour El finals along with the.

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